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Promoting Growth Through Sharpened Insights and Execution

The pressures of succeeding in today’s health care marketplace are staggering. Competition, expansion in service offerings, mergers, strategic affiliations, regulation, new technology, and the business of health care are in constant evolution and flux. Health care is big business. What allows some health care organizations to identify and seize new opportunities while others plod along well-traveled paths?

Some organizations have an inner drive to be more. They want to grow and prosper in size, value, efficiency, profitability, strength, prestige, and in quality of outcomes. But the drive for growth alone is not enough. Organizations need help to identify opportunities, evaluate potential and map out strategies for success.

That’s where we come in. We are Sage Growth Partners, a strategy, applied technology, and integrated venture management firm focused exclusively on health care and related industries. We are catalysts, innovators, and pragmatic problem solvers, combining our industry expertise with an uncanny ability to source, secure, and integrate the best people, resources, and organizations to meet our clients’ objectives.

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